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PDF Conversa 3.001

Converts PDF to DOC/DOCX and vice-versa

PDF Conversa is intended for the conversion between two of the most popular document formats, PDF and DOC. The tool is extremely easy to use and you can get a lot of help if you just read the instructions, both visual and textual, provided in its interface.

The tool works in two directions: PDF to DOC and DOC to PDF, and you can start by picking one of these two modes. If you are converting a PDF file to a Word document, you just need to drag and drop the source file onto the program’s window. Additionally, you can also provide a password if the PDF is protected, select a folder for the resulting DOC file and decide whether you want to convert graphics and tables as well.

In the case of Word to PDF conversion, the procedure is quite the same. However, there are other useful options. This way, you can reduce the size of the resulting document by compressing text and managing picture quality. Likewise, you can make the resulting PDF look exactly the same by integrating font types. Finally, you may also protect the document with a password and sign it.

One of the biggest limitations of the tool is that it cannot process batches of documents, which would save a lot of time and effort. Likewise, there is absolutely no feedback while it is processing the document.

All in all, the main benefit you can get from PDF Conversa is that it performs extremely accurate conversions. I know latest Microsoft Word version allow importing PDF files, but distortions are not rare when the source file contains multiple fonts, tables and images. PDF Conversa helps you avoid distortions by generating a practically identical copy of the original, so it is a good option when you do not have a PDF editor at hand. The product can be tried at no cost and without feature limitations for 14 days, an opportunity you should not miss.

Pedro Castro
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  • Very accurate conversion
  • Allows setting output PDF parameters
  • Allows protecting the resulting PDF
  • Can include font types
  • Open password-protected PDFs


  • Does not support converting batches of documents
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